Ladies Here Is Why You Cry During S3x



Ladies Here Is Why You Cry During S3x


However, it may not be your favourite way to engage in s3x, crying is totally normal. In reality, it’s your body’s way of saying too much of any emotion, be it joy, fear, happiness or pain.

Here are reasons you might be ‘tearing up’ during s3x.

1. Feeling super-connected

Sometimes, there are no words for how strongly connected you feel to your partner. Instead, there are tears. If s3x is a way of deep connection with a partner, your body might choose this form of release to communicate your emotions. Since s3x releases oxytocin, and oxytocin promotes bonding, trust, and empathy. It’s easy to feel safe to release emotions.

2. Too much alcohol

That last vodka might have given you the liquid courage to ask a crush to walk you all the way home, but you can also curse it for reducing the reserves that typically keep your emotions close to your chest.


3. You’re grieving

Did a relative die recently? Or perhaps you got laid off or you’re still not over your last breakup. Grief can strike anywhere—walking down the sidewalk, in the middle of work meeting or mid-romp.

4. It hurts

Your partner may jump to this conclusion if you cry during sex and, sometimes, he or she is right. Painful sex may simply mean you need to slow down or grab some lube, or, if it happens frequently, may signal any number of conditions like endometriosis or an infection.

5. You’re so happy

If you’ve never had or rarely had satisfying sexual interactions, it might be so wonderful that tears would be a sign of gratitude, joy or happiness.

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